Having your cake and eating it too?

Over the years I have struggled after making some rods to allow them to leave the shop as they represent to me a fine effort in craftsmanship. I know the things are made to fish, but there are times when things go even better than usual and I just don’t want to let them go. There are also times when I make a rod for some “trip” that I hope to take someday and want to save them for that occasion.

Then there are rods that are made for personal use that I am reluctant to peel off the shrink wrap from the cork as it will reduce the value. What is going on here? Fortunately I am not alone in this affliction and have seen others struggle with the idea of fishing a rod that has special sentimental or collectible value.

This affliction has gotten to the point where I now have close to 20 rods of my own make with a variety of functions or for trips that are very rarely taken. When I go fishing now there are 4 or 5 rods with me and I spend some time deciding which one will get used that day. You see the dilemma?

I have decided that to alleviate this tension I will start parting with some rods as there really are a couple rods that I fish regularly. Keep an eye out on the used tackle page as these rods will be listed. I am also always interested in trades of classic tackle and nice reels (I don’t want to get started on my burgeoning reel affliction:).

Eat the cake!

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