Fluorescent Orange

Usually by November I have put my fly rods up in there tubes and have pulled my guns from the safe to pursue deer. Earlier in my life I might have said I was a hunter who fishes. Lately though I have identified as a fisherman who hunts. Many might not understand the distinction but other sportsmen will understand what I am saying here.

So it is 63 degrees in November in Minnesota and a friend calls to see if I want to go fishing. Most years I would be inclined to say no as I would likely be sitting in a tree stand waiting for a whitetail deer to amble by. This year I have decided to focus on hunting the later seasons and so who can pass up being in the outdoors on a sunny 63 degree day.

Each of us caught several fish and also enjoyed sitting on the bank and watching the lovely scenery as we waited for the odd rise. We found time to talk about family, work, and other things and made tentative plans for a fly fishing trip to Patagonia in 2023. This a trip that he has been eager to take for at least the dozen years that I have known him. Just a great time and I had that calm restored feeling that always comes when I focus on stream currents and fish instead of the myriad worries that might otherwise enter my thoughts.

So why on earth am I wearing fluorescent orange in the photo? Well it is opening weekend of Minnesota gun season for deer and we were fishing in a wildlife management area in the SE portion of the state. I would say definitely a fisherman who also hunts.

Hope you all have had a great fishing season and if this was my last trip of the year I’ll know that I ended my season well!

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