Rod Catalog

Hollow Quad 2 piece-Ferrule (NS $1500, Glass $1700)

  • 7’3″ 4 wt Emily’s Remedy. Strong dry fly progressive action for point and shoot fishing on small mountain streams and pocket water.
  • 7’6″ 5 wt Clark’s Creek. Medium fast with strong tip to deliver flies from 10-22 in mid sized waters.
  • 7’9″ 4/5 wt Gallatin. Dry flies, Nymphs, you name it this medium fast actioned rod will deliver.
  • 8’4″ 4 wt Letort. (Glass ferrule only) Fast tipped and larger butt with length to manipulate and control line on spring creeks. One of my favorites for spring creek fishing.
  • 8’11” 4/5 wt Henry’s Fork. (Glass ferrule only) Often in the winter I find myself dreaming of blue bird days on this world famous river. Those ruminations lead to this design where I modified the Letort taper above to have additional length for easier longer casting and mending abilities when you are waist deep in the Henry’s Fork river.

Hollow Quad 3 piece Ferrule (Fiberglass $1900)

8′ 4/5 wt Spring Creek. Originally designed for all-purpose trout fishing, this model name was inspired by a trip to Spring Creek in State College, Pa area where I first caught trout on dry flies in a snow squall.

8’6″ 4/5 wt Slough Creek. Progressive dry fly action created to deliver dry flies to the Cutthroats in Yellowstone National Park’s north east corner. To me one of the most pleasant light fly rods for this length and line weight configuration.

Hollow Hex 2 piece- Ferrule (NS $1500,Glass $1700)

  • 7’6″ 4 wt Yellow Breeches parabolic action with Young influence. Lovely medium stream dry fly rod.
  • 8’0″ 3 wt Les Young Special Lovely light line semi-parabolic action rod. Designed for the Letort and other low water small fly, fishing venues. This rod has since found a home on the streams of the driftless region.
  • 8’0″ 4 wt Root River progressive taper rod with Payne influence. Smooth dry fly action that is a treat for medium streams.
  • 8’6″ 4/5 wt West Branch progressive taper rod designed for trips to the Delaware river. Has since been a excellent tool on the Henry’s fork and other larger rivers with reasonable flows.
  • 8’6″ 7 wt Montana designed for use on the Madison river in Montana this parabolic action can handle the hopper dropper rigs, streamers and mayhem of a drift boat or strong currents and strong fish while wading brawling rivers. Does double duty for smallmouth on rivers like the Susquehanna.

Hollow Hex 3 piece-Ferrule (NS $1700, Glass $1900)

  • 7’6″ 4 wt Sondra Kay progressive traditional catskill type dry fly action for medium waters
  • 8’0″ 5 wt Beaverkill progressive traditional catskill type dry fly action for larger water.
  • 8’6″ 5 wt Penn’s Creek progressive Powell influenced taper for larger water.

Hollow Hex 4 piece-Ferrule ( Fiberglass $2100)

  • 8′ 5 wt Carry on. Young influenced parabolic action designed for easy travel.
  • 8’6″ 5 wt Traveller. Progressive medium dry fly trout rod for angler’s on the go.