Fiberglass ferrule hollow quads

In the past I have always steered folks towards 2 piece quads as I felt that the three piece quads that I made were slower in action due to the weight that the tip ferrule added. It always seemed to me that this effect was more pronounced in the quadrate format versus the hexagonal geometry. Since I began making the tip over butt glass ferrules I have found that the reduction in weight allows for better control of this dilemma and has made 3 piece taper development exciting again.

Today when many people travel to fish by varied modes of transportation and now that it seems the typical graphite rod model is in 4 or more pieces it seems that folks are demanding multi piece rods with greater frequency. This thought is what drove me to start playing with fiberglass ferrules in the first place. I started by constructing 4 piece rods that would be easy to carry on airplanes. Haven’t tried 4 piece in the quadrate yet, but likely over the winter will look at this challenge.

What is the most pleasing for me is getting feedback on rod designs from other anglers and the limited sample of others who have shared feedback with me on these models has me feeling as one fellow said “that you are really on to something here”.

Above are some photos of some recent rods that I have made in this 3 piece hollow quad format and they have been a joy for me to play with. Hope all of you have come through the season sated with great fishing stories to get you through the winter. I know I will be replaying trips to SE MN, Montana, Idaho, and Wisconsin as I settle in my workshop preparing for those early caddis hatches of spring.

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